Characteristics of the retirement scheme for household employees:

Characteristics of the retirement scheme for household employees:

The retirement of domestic workers is equal to that of any other group, that is, that is governed by the same standards. That is to say, that the benefit is granted with the same extension and under the same terms and conditions as in the General Social Security Scheme. In addition, according to a renowned lawyer, the retirement age is the same as in the General Scheme so get info on 2020 Medicare advantage comparison at However, there are some peculiarities.

What are those particularities?

What happens is that the retirement conditions of domestic workers are less flexible than those of the rest, since early retirement is not contemplated unless it is applicable what is stipulated, on early retirement by transitory right when contributions from different regimes are computed; neither partial retirement nor special retirement at age 64 are protected in this regime. However, the flexible retirement regime, that is applicable, according to the lawyer.

How are the contribution bases?

The contribution bases were determined according to a scale of several tranches the type of contribution for common contingencies is 23.8% (19.85% by the employer and 3.95% by the employee).

Presently, for the purposes of calculating contributions to cause the right to retirement benefits, permanent disability, death, and survival, temporary disability, maternity and paternity, the hours actually worked on it will be determined according to the contribution bases, divided by the amount fixed for the minimum hourly basis of the General Scheme by the Law of General State Budgets for each of said years.

Are there coverages that are not included?

Yes. The protective action of the Special System for Domestic Employees does not include, at least for the time being, the corresponding to the unemployment benefit. The temporary disability allowance, in case of a common illness or non-work accident, will be paid from the ninth day of the leave from work. The payment of this subsidy is made directly by the entity to which its management corresponds.

Who pays the quotes?

The owner of the family home or head of household that has a household employee at his service exclusively or permanently (or partially or discontinuously depending on the remuneration he satisfies) is obliged to make a contribution to the Special Social Security System of household employees. In that case, the employee will be the person responsible for complying with the obligation to contribute. You must enter your own contribution and that corresponding to the employer or employers with whom you maintain such an agreement, both for common contingencies and for professional contingencies.